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Banco Posta Mobile the bubble concept design

A temporary Physical Brand Design location for Bancoposta to enhance the brand and propose its last products

banco posta mobile
“An attractive and unusual temporary location with the aim to attract and reinforce the brand's presence on italian territory. An amusing journey inside Bancoposta last products and offers ”
banco posta

A concept design to inform in a simply way but with a great visual impact the functionalities and the added values of the new bancoposta products

Crea International has been engaged to create a temporary location for the largest italian cities and for shopping malls, by a simple and eye-catching layout.
The location had to excite curiosity and attract people from the external and, once inside, to invite people to enjoy with the new bancoposta offer, through a series of unique experiences, in the way of explaining the products: a guided- educational experience and a self-educational one.

A small place with great visual impact: a green bubble in order to make it visible also from great distance and able to attract the attention during day and night

A web oriented, young and modern location to present and possibly sell the last leading products of bancoposta offer. A way to reinforce the brand and spread its fame all over the territory.
A hostess inside the bubble make the customer accomodate and shows him the new bancoposta products features and how it's easy to use them, supported by computers or the customer can approach the offers by himself, using touch screens and wireless devices.

An innovative design concept where translucency, brightness and freedom of forms are the keywords for a great impact

A big bubble in polyester pvc acrylic where, along the circular perimeter, of the bubble, many lights have been inserted to diffuse the light inside the air gap by giving a bright aspect to the pavilion.
Inside the environment is very bright and essential, just to focus the attention of customers to bancoposta products.





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