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CheBanca! natural tech

The new modern bank by Mediobanca Group back to essential and simplicity under the warmth and yellow of the sun in a technological but friendly environment

“Crea International has designed the new and surprising retail banking format, easy to navigate, that provides simple services and low cost products, emphasizes the consultancy, self transaction activities and brings the consumer at the centre of the process, for a memorable retail service design journey.”


che banca! schizzo
Che banca!
che banca!
A bank to simplify customers’ life increasing the perceptual gap with "competitors" and augmenting the level of innovation through the retail service design

Mediobanca, leader merchant bank in Italy, committed to Crea International to create its retail network, CheBanca!, supporting the growth of the group and facilitating its positioning thanks to the inclusion of new products and of a total new approach with the bank.

The objective was to create a new way of "making bank" changing the perception of constriction and frustration related to traditional banking world and transferring the brand positioning through retail able to impart feeling of lightweight, comfort, pleasure and efficiency basing on attraction drivers to generate a new customer flow as an entry point but still remaining an online bank, favoring the cross-selling. The whole emotional communication had to turn around the yellow color, to generate a warm and welcoming atmosphere, emphasizing empathy with the bank, to create a memorable retail service design journey.

A design innovation concept which lifts the retail banking branch from an impersonal financial sphere to a level that stimulates interaction among customers

Physical Brand Design philosophy is based on the idea that space is source of innovation, for its capacity of transmitting emotions: creating design innovation often means projecting an innovative experience within space. That’ s the idea from which Crea International left to create this project.

The leading design idea turns around the theme of simplicity and is expressed through space usage, materials and colors, relationship, essential shapes and design. Living from the idea of “Natural Tech” concept, the italian retail design company has created a space able to perfectly reflect the brand values: an ethical, transparent, warm and innovative environment, facilitating the dialogue and the relationship with the bank, where the customer feels empowered and welcomed.

Openess and simplicity invite people to go inside, stop and ask for informations and services. Service design innovation , changing the way “To do bank” in a “not bank way”, able to maintain a high degree of innovation in an open and fluid space, transforming the branch from a transaction place into a relationship one.

Key innovations in this innovative design branch are the lay out overturn with the presence of the central base point and the perimeter connection booths.The first is the heart of the branch, the platform from which the store staff moves from to provide service to consumer, offers a 360 degree view of the branch maintaining constant eye contact with consumers and can be used also as a fast consultancy point or as a temporary working station for staff. The second are the multitasking connection booths where any banking operation can be performed either in self mode or with the support of the store staff to sid side to side, upon to review computer screen a service zone as back office for staff use only.

The solar system is moved on the physical space to confer to CheBanca! branch high visibility and transparency

The environmental branding brings specific focus on strong visual elements such as the portal, the windows, the interactive walls that transfer the product offer and the info about the cultural activities of the local community and two relax areas, coffee bar and kids garden.

The yellow color that permeates the environment reminds of the sunshine light, the aniline treated wood suggests a straight forward approach, the metacrylic material printed with the honeycomb texture casts a friendly atmosphere. The CheBanca! concept is completed with a mobile branch thought to be positioned in commercial centers or high traffic areas.

The design is strongly linked to the permanent branch and provides a high memorability. It is a communication tool that complete the traditional media and offers the opportunity to contact potential clients providing info about the new bank and its services.

che Banca! Che Banca! Che Banca!





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