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CheBanca!: a success story, through the branch !

In a time of social and economic crisis, CheBanca! is driving the opposite way: branches multiply, customers increase and business results confirm it


First of all we always try to be nice with our customers, offering them simple and transparent products and we are supported by a solid group as Mediobanca…That’s why people have learned to know and appreciate us. CheBanca! branch is a communication tool with customers, a relationship place. Internet alone scares people a little bit but through the physical space of the branch we can acquire recognition and trust. It allows us to establish the brand and increase the sense of confidence in the bank. (…) ” (Corriere Economia, 14/05/12).

Words that Christian Miccoli, CheBanca! AD, expressed in one of his recent interviews, indicating that the multichannel distribution model based on website, customer service and new generation light branches won the challenge in a banking scenario still proposing old and outdated service models from which people are turning away to get closer and closer to retail banking formats, as CheBanca! ones.

In CheBanca! the physical touch point of the branch, plays a strategic role into the business growth.



And financial data about these four years recently presented by the group, speak for themeselves:

500.000 clients

650.000 products sold

11.6 billion euro deposit

68% products sold through branches

The fact the most of products are sold through branches is a clear signal that the physical space contributes to attract customers. CheBanca! is really a bank where customers and bankers sit on the same side so that customer perceives, even physically, that the bank is on his side; the perimeter connection booths, the environmental branding specifically focused on strong visual elements , the interactive walls that transfer the product offer and the info about the cultural activities of the local community and the two relax areas - coffee bar and kids garden – contribute to create an environment where people feel at ease pushing them in buying products and helping to grow the business.Physical Brand Design for a new landscape, breaking wiith the traditional banking codes, to enhance brand positioning and business.