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Lavazza we are italian, we are eclectic!

Lavazza coffee shop: the international coffee chain supporting Lavazza brand's internationalisation, aspiring to reach the leadership status on the worldwide espresso market

lavazza whole internal layout
"Espression is a highly identification place of Lavazza brand, a combination of creativity and style in which the coffee expertise and the typical italian design layout are blended.The physical layout's aim is adaptable to every single necessity of the store and plays on design elements and on creativity  not only in an aesthetic way, but even in the products offer."
Marco Valle, Lavazza Coffee Shop Director
Lavazza lounge bar
Lavazza drink area
Lavazza drink area
The major challenge faced was to create a service design concept which could be adapted to the international expansion of the company

Challenge that Crea International enthusiastically decided to embrace through the strategic Physical-Brand-Design methodology.

Italian traditional coffee shops are now transformed and reinvented to become the symbol of freedom and self-reliance.

The italian retail design company had to create a design concept able to express Italy in a new but absolutely truthful and current manner. Old traditional stereotypes had to be put aside in order to bring to the surface a truer and more modern way of being Italian, communicating that originality, vitality, pluralism of languages and cultures, typical of italian culture.

"Ecletism" and "being italian" the keywords which led the whole project: features where opposite elements coexist in an harmonic setting, for retail design innovation

The magic word is "eclecticism", a word that will excite the consumers as they will be able to live with all senses, the pleasure to drink a coffee in an amusing, emotional, innovative and different environment.
The Lavazza retail design journey should be as good as the one of the famous Espresso Coffee, a mixture between sweet and bitter, strong and soft, thick and fluid.
All this values belonging to the renewed Italian Spirit have been translated into brand design.
The best way to express Eclectism of Italian Culture has been to create a flexible place able to satisfy all different moods and tastes.

A unique layout thanks to connections, insertions, combinations and a mixtures of opposites. Elements that are discovered while experiencing the store, tasting and enjoying its coffee and discovering its soft flavour contrasting a strong aroma, sweet and bitter, fluid and dense and finding this emotion inside a unique and welcoming atmosphere: the one of Espression by Lavazza.

A new coffee shop that aims to satisfy all needs, dedicated to the consumer with specific areas for relax and entertainment, punctuated by book shelves, display units and merchandising.

Finally a place that does not want to be a temporary experience, but an environment where people would like to return to. A merge of contradictions with a character of superior quality and conviviality.
ÔEspression by Lavazza' is the experimentation of a space rich in contrast and atmosphere, in which the idea of 'made in Italy' evokes glamour and style more than ever, and is expected to be developed rapidly throughout the principle countries of Central and Eastern Europe, South America and the Far East.

An eclectic concept design that expresses dynamic and vitality, that gives great possibilities concerning flexibility and adaptation

Crea International transformed the eclectic character of the brand and of Italian being into concrete materials and experiences which are immediately visible. Clear and elegant floors in gres porcelain with an effect of natural stone, interrupted by runners that outline the different areas and services offered.

Walls in a 1950Õs Gi˜ Ponti style, unique and winding wall elements characterized by a scrawl, personalized desks; chairs which were tactfully mixed in their different style; the counter - with root elements which put emphasis on the warm and involving colour of the best coffee - is delimited by columns which are realized with a technique of stones drowned in resin; a lighting system specifically studied, colours and materials carefully combined in order to express eclecticism in the best possible way and much more. Eclectic materials thanks to their physicalness, apparently hard while soft to the touch, sharp angles but smooth surfaces.





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