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The Twitch mania bursts on the product design scene

Branding and concept innovation conveyed by CREA International in a unique accessory line dedicated to Iphone 5 and Ipad mini 


Twitch is CREA International's first product design collection developed according to the Physical Brand Design® methodology for Celly spa and Underline.

A line which puts into play the mobility world with a range of accessories encompassing the tiny sudden gestures deriving from our daily frenzied link with technological devices.

As remarked in an interview on Affari by Mr. Alberto Pasquini, chairman and founder of CREA:

" While designing the collection we got inspired by that people's humanity we do belong to, who have always coexisted with the several nerve impulses of our routine. Independent twitches which relieve our minds from tension, such as the tic-tac of the Bic pen button which used to annoy teachers in the classroom in the 60's or snapping one's fingers... Whereas nowadays, slip we in and out our smartphones time after time to check who is calling." 




This is the philosophy at the heart of  the Twitch mobility mania which is classified by four different versions per each model, according to the related consumer targets:

- blue & tech green for Business professionals who are foind of glam

- beige & passion red for the Lady version

- black & sour green dedicated to Youngsters

- brown & yellow for Casuals who want to take life easy

The Twitch mobility mania will give soon birth to a wider range of products including back covers, cushy I Flips to enfold the smartphone and "agenda" cases with practical double inclination stand function.

Click here to browse within the Twitch mobility mania world and stay tuned.


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