Twitch: Physical Brand Design and mobility mania

Plug in and discover how concept innovation embraces four stories about human mobility manias within a handy product design

Switch on the short film preview about four characters and their little daily frantic relationships and manias linked to the brand new Twitch mobility accessories. 

A series of infinite feelings, drawings, glances and shiny glares which are encompassed by CREA International in four different shorts: 

"The feeling of dancing around to no music is strong.The feeling of wanting to draw a weird monster is strong...

My fingers fly against the keys on my piano, closing my eyes I smile, it's ugly the music I'm trying to make, it doesn't make sense, but it does...

The world behind closed doors is colorful and amazingly vivid. Shiny and soft and beautiful, once someone sees it, the beauty stops, it's the rooms secret...

The feeling of making love to you're one. In your dream. In you dream. The feeling of acting on purpose I see how others react..."

Stay tuned with the  Physical Brand Design social networks and share with us your twitches. Enjoy your favourite twitch!

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