Tim | warm tech

The telecom retail design concept of TIM is based on the projectual philosophy of simplicity

Multi sensory interaction has been substituted on purpose to give space to a warm, surrounding and highly understandable environment. The brand colours and materials aim at hugging and enfolding people, conveying thus a simple, easy experience through the language of retail telecom design. The furnishing lines and the wall system all over the space reinterpret the waves of the logo, symbol of technological and cultural evolution of a country which has always been accompanying the Italian customs and the trend and tastes changing. The light blue colour, symbol of Italianity and the natural materials like wood vibrate within the telecom retail design concept as Italian cordiality, relational closeness, simplicity and the identity of creative and generous people, able to welcome others from any nationality and ages.

In terms of strategy, Crea International’s team developed a retail telecom design born by a “Warm Technology strategic telecom retail design concept: technology must keep at people’s use, becoming part of our lives naturally, without making them more and more complex. The TIM retail telecom concept store radically changes the sales approach: the store focus moves from the hardware consultancy to the brand offer one, in order to let customers address their choice according to their “connectivity / connection satisfactory needs.

Wood as ancestral human material results to be an innovative contraddiction itself, when representing the main material used in the telecom retail store. Plastic products, therefore, emerge like historical and material contrast within the traditional “pod”. The wrapping cloak is like a tailor made garment: the telecom retail project has been conceived with particular attention to the practical and functional retail telecom aspects. On this ground Crea International guaranteed that the furnishings had the most suitable storage and at same time that they could be placed in as much comfortable, aesthetic and functional way as possible. The lighting aspect also plays an important role: under a wide sequoia inlayed trunk, the tiny lighting bodies recall small luminous stars in a new, simple and unique atmosphere.

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