LeFel | the whispering world

Crea International designed for Feltrinelli Group the concept for the new brand LeFel. 

The leading idea is based on the theme of travelling through a “whispering world”. A world that aim to whispers to people able to listen leading them to reach for something new.

The new LeFel store intends to be a place for our souls where a free and adventurous spirit, sometimes eccentric, puts the most significant objects of its wandering, travel by travel.

It is a place where words, sounds, scents, past and future meet and where the objects tell stories and talk to people who have chosen them.

It is a mutable and essential place where mysterious boxes, as transparent and light as thoughts at times, or as sturdy as wood other times, pick together objects that whisper little, big stories to the people who are able to listen to them.

Crea International conceived and developed a new modular format that can fit to the different kinds of distribution warranting a coordinated image.

The new LeFel format wants to express the concept of entertainment and client faithfulness through a continuous renewal of the proposals that fit tendencies.

In LeFel environment the graphic mark is strong. It was conceived to offer the clienta journeyinside LeFel store: a shopping experience where objects tell about the people who choose them. The leading idea of the travel was then transferred graphically in the postmark as sign of something that can be brought home after a joyride that transmits strong sensations.

Wood and its warmth wrap the environment, using the space properly. For the furnishing, wood was used in its warmest tones: oak, walnut, wengé. The focus is in the central zone dedicated to new arrivals. A “lab tree”, made up of modular overlapping elements, attracts the attention of clients also thanks to LCD screens that implement communication.

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