Capitalia | water lounge

Capitalia Group is one of the most important Italian banking groups

Crea International was handed the task of unifying its three bank images, Banca di Roma, Banco di Sicilia and Bipop Carire, transforming the branches into innovative points of communication and customer relations.

This physical brand design concept gives a strong and recognizable identity to the branches, while maintaining elements of their former identities such as brand colour.
Originally inspired by water and its transparency, the design relies on minimalism and on the complete elimination of barriers, to which we have become accustomed to from today’s traditional banking formats.

An innovative ‘window system’ transforms the space into an effective communication platform, while inside a warm and cocooning space of colour temperature, homogeneous on both walls and floors, strengthens the impact of the contrasting institutional brand colour. Circular automated teller machines stand out in comparison to the mundane traditional design used worldwide.

The result is three individual banks unified through immediate recognition of their group spirit.

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