Finanza & futuro banca

New retail network of Finanza & Futuro Banca

Getting further from the usual private banking scenario with the aim to create a new market category and boldly stand out from competition: this is the mission undertaken by Crea International to design the new retail network of Finanza & Futuro Banca. 

The new concept store spreads out of the projectual oxymoron between “Exclusivity and Accessibility”, introducing a new brave standard of private bank: branches as “high financial consultancy” landmarks, addressed to a broader affluent range of customers. Such service is supplied through a new image of promoter, able to provide a professional finance orienteering service, wholly customizable and long lasting, according to several needs. 

The concept design has been translated into a first class business journey . The interior ressembles an exclusive transport terminal, characterized by a roundness stylistic coefficient which communicates the wish of closeness toward the client. 

An other key element of the project is given by the internal chromatic code enhanced by a soft tint scale, joining the Blue & White colour clash. All in all, it consciously drive at conveying the imaginary of a fresh looking place which at same time keeps high the perception of a landmark for supplying “Top Class Services” for “Top Class Customers”.

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