Saudi Arabian airlines

Discovering the other side of the moon: the saudi experience

The moon is magic. It evokes the orient and the unknown, magical world of tales with precious materials, gold, myrrh, resin. the moon seen by people all over the planet creates a common ground to dream. It represents a world to be discovered. It is the past and future: it is reported as a planet where other forms of life and culture lived in a remote time, itcombine effortsto create new settlements. the moon represents modernity and technology. the moonis at the same time an ancestral and futuristic landscape, it brings back to mind the desert. the moon creates an emotional link between all people of the planet. That’s why the moon has become the new concept for Saudi Arabian Airlines.”

This is the story behind the concept for Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Crea International has succeeded in bringing into the Saudi Arabian Airlines Brand and its agencies the moon design to disclose all the emotions of its culture, values and spirit.
The “Saudi Arabian Airlines” Brand’s main need was to strengthen its identity and communication.
Crea International succeeded in giving life to an enchanting atmosphere and to a comfortable, functional and well furnished environment, which involves customers and leads them to get used to self service technologies.
The colours of the logo, particularly related to the King’s culture and customs were transferred into the space so that the whole concept guarantees a unique and high quality “travelling experience” which starts from the first approach with the agencies, through the aircrafts until land services.

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