After Milano?s concept projected by Crea International, inaugurated in Rome the second Flagship Store of Wind

The retail telecom Wind lands in di Spagna with its innovative design concept

The "Empathicspherical" Open Flagship store opens its doors in Rome with its orange, blue, white and gray areas as distinguished areas of a new planet or better to say of a new Biosphere, meant as a habitat capable of generating a new life of telecommunication.

A reinterpretation of technology to facilitate the relationships between human beings, in a nowadays more and more globalized and under pressure world.

As a result the indissoluble binomial of Biosphere and Empathy inspired the Physical-Brand-Design company who conceived an innovative design project as a bio spherical, harmoniously technological environment which fruit of a design sensitive to the balance of different chromatic and morphological elements becomes a perfect habitat for a new empathic community.

Not only a telecommunication shop, but even a place destined to become a meeting place and landmark for telecom world and people.