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We seek for a "Business Developer Partner" capable of establishing professional relationships at top mangement level with innate professionalism, reliability and go-ahedeism.
The Business Developer will work to grow a company's profits through attracting new customers and by increasing the spend of existing customers. This role is one that is both challenging and also rewarding, giving the successful candidate an opportunity to really develop an interesting career in business strategy.

The Business Develper Job description includes:

  • Working in Business Development you will be involved in pitching and presenting at boardroom level. This could include presentations to Top Management (CEOs & Executives)and will require meticulous planning and proposal writing.
  • Your main area of focus will be to generate new leads with the aim of creating more sales.
  • Business Development involves scheduling appointments, preparing and delivering presentation to the client, having researched their business and requirements.
  • A Business Developer will work on sales follow-up activities.
  • Maintaining customer relationships and ensuring customer loyalty through excellent customer service as well as meeting all client needs appropriate to their business, is a key role within Business Development.
  • A Business Developer usually works as part of a team and closely with other departments within the organisation.
Tenders issued by procurement, legal or real estate departments are to be object of further evalution by CREA International business development department.

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