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We seek for a "Business Developer Partner" extremely prone to dialogue and top management contact making and development and with innate professionalism, reliability and go-ahedeism.

We are  interested in joint partnership with well reputed business complementary companies:
(naming and branding , high-end strategic consultancy companies to whom introduce CREA Intl. strategic service and retail design capabilities driven by the Physical Brand Design methodology. 

If the partner might be willing to represent CREA in multiple countries, this cab be object of further evaluation with CREA Intl. team.
The company manager of reference to whom the partner must always address to, shall be Chairmen or CEOs only.
Tenders issued by procurement, legal or real estate departments can be accepted by CREA upon prior careful and deep evaluation together with CREA appointend project supervisors.

All the contract's conditions will be discussed country by country.


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