Crea International - Italian Retail Design

Hey, It's Amm, I am CREA International's creative spirit and
I was born on the rainbow and belong to the free spirits who speak and
design through the sincere and brave voice of heart
which is always unusual and sees beyond obviousness.

My head is big because I have got the humility to listen,
two eyes able to express wonder and a heart
which speaks to everybody through the universal language of light!

I am capable to give birth to dreams through design
which interprets the spirit and values of brands we work for.
I am able to tell a story which comes true in the form
of a design concept which translates the soul
of the brand into the physical space, as booster of conscience status
for the people who interact with it.

I am able to design aesthetic experiences capable of influencing
the moods of people.
I taught CREA inhabitants the Art, such the Physical Brand Design
one must be shared and discussed together with passion
and the individuality belongs only to whom does not understand
that empathy and umanity are key precious drivers within design.

firma Amm


we listen to the voice and the music of a space in order to transform them into positive design experiences, able to increase credibility and brand reputation

we design spaces capable of breaking the rules of people living needs and the way they interact within the space

we elaborate ideas through ”sensemaking” spaces which positive values and emotional feelings are meaningful for people

we deeply understand the soul of the brand and we give birth to unique stories to guide our creative inspiration

we deliver powerful design concepts to boots competitive advantage to generate differentiation and to improve business performances

we are social globetrotter, able to reflect today’s cultural melting pot by providing different inspirations and lifestyles according to cultural boots

we feel trutly rooted to italian spirit : culture, passion, enthusiasm, tenacity, empathy creativity indipendence contaminate our personal every day work and home lives