2019 UI and UX Design Trends

2019 UI and UX Design Trends

In most cases, it is a pleasure of any designer to be ion top of the latest design trends. They try to change the style of work as well as the evolution of the workability of what they design to keep the work conducted fresh as well as resonate with clients as well as products. 2019 has collected too many trends from the last year and has added a lot more new patterns. The following are the best trends for the UI and UX for 2019.

1. Custom Made And Colorful Illustrations

The custom illustrations which are accompanied with vibrant colors, bold as well as stylized individuals have come back this year and have evolved to be the primary trend for the year. Following the reports, statistics show that this content usually converts over seven times better as compared to other visual materials.

Companies have leveraged a lot more the aspect of custom illustrations since this helps them to show uniqueness on their brand’s value. As a result, the design, when used in business enables the customers to be drawn closer to the company. This is because their experiences with the brand are made more personalized.

2. Liquid Graphics

Liquid graphics make the designs to be more digitalized, and the designers, as well as the artists who follow the recent trends, tend to come up with complicated forms of color that signify the real world. The holographic, liquid glitters and chromatic types are all over today, including the UI designs. This design trend, therefore, concerns both the typography and graphics.

3. Brazen and Large Typography

In this year, the cheeky and bold typography, which is more creative, have become very popular. In most instances, the typography has been taken to replace the background images while they try to showcase the primary elements of every page. This also tends to introduce the outline topography trend, which is always combined together to mix with the bold and other vast bodies.

4. The Dark Themes

These designs began to emerge after the release of the Mojave update. It has been realized that the dark side tends to lure the users as well as the major companies in the world who have released software updates which showcase dark themes. Therefore, the design has trended at large of late.

5. The Creative Loaders

It is not the first time this design that shows motion trends. It has been in form for a long time and this year has just served like another time since this trend was launched some time back. It appears like a funny malleable animation that keeps changing shapes and forms. The UI design also tends to utilize the motion in lots of clear cases of loading. The entertaining and complex animations tend to hook the users. They also give room for personalizing as well as a proper and satisfying user experience.

6. The Custom 3D Graphic Design

This design trend comes in both animated and static models. One cannot run away from the fact that the 3d design is the most prominent design trend in the current world. Today, it is even lovely since the animated 3d graphics have been brought in to replace or also complement the static ones.

As noticed in most companies, there is the utilization of various simulations of national items, the combination of mind-blowing and movement of objects which are brought together to pique the interest of the users. Moreover, such designs today tend to make the users stay and retain them for the brand for a lot more period.

7. Bold, Bright Color and Gradients

The gradients which were utilized in the designs of 2018 are now seen to be out of date, and they are almost fading away. However, the gradients did not die entirely since the new, better ingredients have emerged. The trending gradients designs today are utilizing flashy, vibrant and solid colors which are attractive to the users and make them lean towards the brand.

8. Minimalism Design

Contrary to the resurgent color schemes which were witnessed the last year, this year [presents another trend in the minimalism designs. In this design, the product companies are the ones to choose the severity of the interfaces.

At the time of selection, the static nature is emphasized. They also make a lot more focus on the high quality as well as the elitism of the company’s services as well as products. This design is realized by the use of monochrome color pallet as well as the bold fonts.


It should be noticed that a considerable design system wave has now swallowed the design world. The above designs have taken over the design industry and are currently trending, being used by every company to boost its sales and customer base.

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