Crea International - Italian Retail Design

CREA International is the Italian physical brand design company which aims to create competitive values for clients by driving retail service design innovation and brand design within physical space.

Since beginning of 2013, CREA joined Il Prisma Group whose skills are constantly enriched within a portfolio of multidisciplinary integrated services at all stages of the design process: research and development, design and production are the distinguishing elements at the core of our design philosophy, which for over 40 years has been distinguished by experimentation with cutting edge and technologically advanced solutions, to provide all encompassing support to our clients with reliability and success.

We strongly believe that sense making experiences gained from design concepts must be as innovative as empathic in the way people see, feel and interact with spaces.This is of utmost importance when it comes to brand spaces, where design itself cannot stand alone.

Every brand has a specific language, style and we as designers, are simply committed to humbly listen to it in order to understand its essence. We refuse the traditional "archi-artistic" and "designer-self centred" approach as we consider it not applicable for communicating the brand identity through the physical spaces. The Brand style and not the personal designer one has to be communicated and translated through design.

This process requires a new way of thinking over design, a particular creative spirit and a specific working process. We developed a patented methodology, known as Physical Brand DesignTM applied to all our design projects which aims to reinforce the brand identity and create highly innovative concepts which generate added value and act as key business boosters tools for our clients.

We are a multidisciplinary team, combining: strategists, interior designers, architects, graphic and visual designers, product designers, engineers and Leed and Green Builiding experts working alongside clients.

We operate worldwide, with major focus in the European and the Middle Eastern markets. Our most prominent area of work is retail service design,  with particular strength within banking & financial services, telecommunication and food fields. However, we also work across an array of additional service design sectors, such as land & air transport, fashion & beauty, entertainment (hotels, commercial centers), workplace (corporate offices, façades and reception) and fast branding (event space, brand experience, exhibition, temporary shops).

Founded in 2002 Crea International, it is headquartered in Milan, but it has been constantly getting through an internalization process which led it to be exclusively present worldwide with currently on going local partnerships. Founder and shareholders of Crea are Alberto Pasquini (Chairman) and Stefano Carone (Board Member).

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